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Five Ways to Help Your Skin Look it's Best For Your Wedding Day

One of the most asked questions I get from my brides at their trial is what can they do to prep their skin before their big day. So I decided to write down my top five tips in this quick post.

Everyone has different problems and concerns with their skin and if you're really struggling with yours it is probably worth seeing a specialist your beautician who can advise on your skin type. But here are some tips for everyone to avoid any unwanted breakouts before your wedding day and help a smooth application of your makeup that lasts.


Get Hydrated

Skincare Prep for Makeup

Yes you've probably heard it before, but I'm going to tell you again anyway. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day. Personally I have always noticed a difference in my skin when I'm making an effort to keep hydrated. This is probably because water helps to rid the body of toxins which helps improve your complexion.

There are so many great skincare products available and if you're willing to invest money and time on looking after your skin from the outside this is an easy way to look after it from the inside too. It's best to make a conscious effort to drink more at least a month before your big day.


Stay Away From Skincare Products

Makeup Skincare Prep

Try to stay away from new products before your day in case you have a sensitivity or allergic reaction to the product (this is also a reason why your trial is important). Also new products (Cleansers in particular) could cause a breakout when first used. This is because it speeds up cell renewal 'bringing out' impurities. These products are probably great in the long run but not something you want to start using a week or two before a big event.



Skin Prep for Makeup

This is my number one tip for everyone regardless of your skin type.

Exfoliating will remove any dead, dry skin cells which will instantly make your skin appear less dull. As well as this it allows your skin to absorb your skincare products properly and gives the best base for your makeup to be applied to.

If you have dry skin or notice dry patches this is even more important as your foundation will cling to these places.

Exfoliate 1-2 twice a week but keep in mind the last tip and don't use any new products too close to your wedding day!


Clean your makeup brushes

A lot of people are probably guilty of not cleaning their brushes as often as they should but it is so important!

Wedding Day Makeup Setup

As you use your brushes they collect

dead skin cells and oil. And when you aren't using them they collect dust.

Cleaning your brushes often is important to avoid breakouts and its also going to make it easier to apply your makeup.

Of course I deep clean my kit brushes after every use I also clean my personal brushes after every use too (makeup artist habit!) However once a week would be good if you're using them everyday. You want a brush cleaner that is anti bacterial to ensure to best clean.


Ditch the sugar and processed food

Sugar and fatty foods are big culprits for causing breakouts if you want to play it safe its best to avoid anything too sweet or processed for a week or two before your big day.


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